After a brief meeting and tour of our facilities with Bob Brown, Intelligent Copier Solutions presented us with a proposal which slashed our costs by 27%. The process was quick, easy and effective.

Intelligent Copier Solutions delivers

Mark L. Gladden / Passalacqua, Mazzoni, Gladden, Lopez & Maraviglia, LLP

One call to Intelligent Copier Solutions is all it takes to receive fast, efficient service…usually the same day! In addition to being cost effective, ICS provides a level of customer service that we haven’t found elsewhere. We appreciate doing business with a company that provides such a high level of service.

Rod Brownlee, President / Able Maintenance, Inc.

Bob Brown’s staff is patient and very efficient. They never make me feel like I’ve made a mistake in calling them. Intelligent Copier Solutions is my lifeline, and his staff have become my friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

Suzanne K. Ell / CPA MST